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How We Make Beer

It all begins with the raw materials selection.
Barley, water and hops.

Barley and hops are collected at the perfect point of ripeness and then meet the purest waters.

“It’s the quality of the ingredients that make a good beer.” — Luigi Moretti

Barley, mixed with water, starts to germinate and becomes malt.

With drying, malt’s germination stops and the humidity is reduced to 5%.

The malt’s roasting determines color and flavor of the beer.

The malt is ground to become flour.

The union of malt flour and water produce the wort.

The wort is cooked at 100° C.

The hops are added repeatedly during the process.v

In the fermentation vat, yeast is added to the cooled wort.

The beer is left to sit, becoming progressively more clear.

Thanks to the filtration process, yeasts residues are removed.

It’s ready, friends.
To be consumed preferably in good company.