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Drink Responsibly

The responsible consumption of alcohol is a very important subject and Birra Moretti would like to offer you information, advice and suggestions so you can enjoy our entire range of products in a more informed way. Please read this page carefully.

What responsible drinking means

Responsible drinking means a sensible and informed consumption of alcohol. This is totally compatible with a person’s private and social life. In fact, in some cases, it may even improve your quality of life.

On the other hand, uncontrolled drinking, or drinking in the wrong place or for the wrong reasons, means irresponsible drinking.

The irresponsible consumption of alcohol can involve even serious consequences for health and safety, both for the person involved and the people around them.

There are times when it is best not to drink at all.

For some people (children and adolescents, people on certain kinds of medication, ex-alcoholics), in some situations (when at work, when driving) and at certain times in a person’s life (pregnancy), even moderate alcohol consumption can nevertheless prove dangerous.

It is essential to promote greater awareness of these dangers, so that people who find themselves in these situations can make informed choices when it comes to the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

10 Points To Keep In Mind

10 Points To Keep In Mind

  1. Uncontrolled drinking, drinking at inappropriate times or places and drinking for the wrong reasons means drinking in an irresponsible way.
  2. The incorrect use, or abuse, of alcoholic drinks can be dangerous for you and for others.
  3. Drinking alcohol can affect your body functions.
  4. A sensible serving for men is equivalent to 2-3 units of alcohol* a day and 1-2 units of alcohol for women.
  5. Alcoholic drinks should be consumed by adults. Children and adolescents should not drink alcohol.
  6. Drinking during pregnancy can be harmful to your baby’s health. If you are pregnant, alcohol can wait.
  7. Don’t drink and drive. And if you have consumed alcohol, let someone else drive. Avoid unnecessarily risking your life and the life of others.
  8. If you are employed in dangerous work or work that requires a great deal of care, it is best not to drink
  9. Are you on any medication? Some medicines should not be taken with alcohol. Consult your doctor before drinking.
  10. Drinking sensibly and in an informed way is a pleasure, and is compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

* A unit of alcohol: (U.A.) is the equivalent of around 12g of pure alcohol, the amount contained in a small glass of wine (125 ml) of average alcoholic strength, a 330ml can or bottle of average strength beer or a 40 ml serving of spirits.

Source: Inran Guidelines for Healthy Italian Nutrition, 2003 edition.