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Expo Milano 2015

Rho, via De Gasperi

Birra Moretti will be the Official Beer Partner of Expo Milano 2015. Expo Milano 2015 is the world exposition that will take place in Milano, starting from May 1st up to October 31st 2015.
The partnership is aimed at providing services, products and content dedicated to Italian excellence and sustainability and, over the next few months, will boost the common themes and values behind the Universal Exposition, summarized with the slogan “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The partnership with Expo Milano 2015 represents the recognition of significant investments being made by our Group – ever since 1974 – in production, marketing and distribution, but it is mainly the result of socially responsible and sustainable behavior. Another reward is being able to grow the Birra Moretti brand.
Birra Moretti, as the Official Beer of the Expo Milano 2015, will be available at all refreshment points of the event, and it will be featured in a dedicated space in EXPO Milano 2015: an area in which Birra Moretti will welcome all visitors into its own world, promoting the values of the brand and providing an all-round taste experience.
The logo of Expo 2015 will be added to the packaging of all Birra Moretti’s range of products, highlighting the partnership of the brand with the event.

BIRRA MORETTI – Official Beer Partner of Expo Milano 2015: MAIN ACTIVITIES

The presence of Birra Moretti at Expo Milano 2015, in its capacity as the Official Beer Partner, will focus on the promotion of Italian food culture and of our young chefs throughout the world. The partnership is characterized by common elements and the sharing of core values that have been an integral part of Birra Moretti’s DNA since 1859: an Italian character, authenticity in taste and “sustainable” quality.
With this mission, Birra Moretti will be developing education and training activities in line with the Beer culture project, which it is pioneering and promoting in Italy.